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Kim Gilliam 

Woman who has survived

many tragedies.




Living Life
with No Limits


Kim Gilliam Steele is 54 year old woman who has survived many tragedies. She was born in Conway, Arkansas but lived most of her life in McDonough, Georgia. She now lives in Monticello, Georgia. She was diagnosed with Crohn's disease August, 1992.

She worked for several small companies and then began her career in the corporate world. She worked for the Coca-Cola Company for 15 years as an accountant and with the Department of Health and Human Services in Human Resources for over 8 years. Her career ended suddenly when her Crohn’s disease took over her life and became unable to work. 

She has a love for animals and thinks they are the best therapy. She has raised Pygmy goats, miniature donkeys, a llama, a baby jersey cow, a pot bellied pig, rabbits, several cats and dogs. 

May 14, 2016 she became ill suddenly and had to be rushed to the emergency room. She had a less than 9 percent chance of surviving. With God’s grace she survived! She is now a quadruple amputee and her life has changed forever.  She hasn’t let this stop her. 


"If you want something
you never had, you've got to
do something you never done"

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She has conquered more than anyone could imagine, undergone life changing surgery and now she wears Bebionic muscle powered arms and pin locked,suspension legs and kinterra prosthetics. She now lives alone with her three dogs Peanut, Paisley and Stormy. She lost her first dog of 14 years, Cocoa, February 7, 2018. 

She now dedicates her time to empowering others on overcoming adversity and with determination to know they can succeed. She is an advocate for SEPSIS awareness, a Certified Peer Visitor with the Amputee Coalition, a peer visitor with Ampower thru Hanger Clinic, a mentor, she has inspired people through speaking events, social media, being a volunteer in rehabilitation, and now published her first book. Her future plans include getting her website running to have another platform to reach a help others around the world. She will continuing working on her 501(3)(c) non-profit that will assist others beginning their Limb Loss journey. Her goal is to start her own amputee support group. 

The charities that she supports the most are The Amputee Coalition, and several Animal Shelter organizations.


Living Life
with No Limits


Speaking at the Women's Club 


Speaking to Schools



Kim & President Roosevelt's

Great Grandson


Kim's New Book

Dream Big!
Live Life! 

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Living Life
with No Limits



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