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What Are Your Goals?

What's your goal in life? Each of us have some kind of a goal to reach. For some it might be a great career, some it might be a great vacation, and for some a dream home. We all have some goal that we desire to reach.

We can become so focused on reaching goals sometimes that we may overlook the simple things in life. Life is about what we make of it. We choose every day from the time we get up how we are going to face life. Today is a new day and a fresh start! We must stop and smell the roses! We need to learn to enjoy the journey we are on and make the best of it. Learn to enjoy the people God has placed in our life or has allowed to cross our paths!

Life can be good when we take the time to enjoy the simple things and all the blessings that go with it! Take time today and thank God for each one of those goals which have been richly blessed by God!!

Life is not always happy! Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it's hard and sometimes it can be dark. Life can leave some scars on our hearts and in the deepest part of our souls where only God can see. God is always there and he certainly never leaves us or forsakes us.

Jesus reminds us in John 16:33; “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

That is God's blanket of grace that covers us in this life that can sometimes be hard. We have to hold on to the one who comes to set us free. Christ came to redeem us and bring us hope. Have courage! If you are facing the hard times of life, our God is greater than anyone or anything we may face in life.

We overcome because he has overcome

more obstacles and hatred than anyone can or will face in this lifetime! There is certainly beauty and greatness behind every scar. I am thankful and blessed for my scars! You should also be thankful for your life scars, even though they may be painful reminders! They bring us to a more grateful and thankful closer place with Him!

Revisit your goals and see if they truly align in what is best in your life! If they don’t? Then take the time to sit down and look at what is truly important to you! Figure out what and who you want in your life! Make those goals that are attainable and successful! Not those that can set you up for failure. Those goals that make you, those you love and those who love you the happiest they can be!

Some of us don’t get a second chance in this thing we call life, but if we are fortunate to get that second chance, MAKE IT BETTER THAN THE FIRST! Only WE can make those decisions and with God’s grace and his wonderful blessings will certainly allow us to succeed!!

I truly give hope and prayers to each and every one of my friends and family! Without God and everyone’s support, I certainly would not be where I am today! I hope your week continues to richly bless you all! I pray for comfort and peace for each one of you who may struggling today and every day!

Be blessed!!

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